Friday, 29 January 2016

Who, where, when and why?


Hello. I'm (Sgt) Liam Collins of the Rugged few - US 36th Combat Engineers living history group (LHG).

We're a small group of reenactors based in the South East of England that have been reenacting US WW2 history for many years now (12 in my case) with the last 8 of these being as the 101st airborne 502nd PIR. 

   This was us plus the Durham gents at North Weald

Last year (2015) it became clear that we needed a change of direction for a few reasons. One, that the average age of the group's members is around 35+, far to old to portray young fit airborne troops and that there are loads of airborne reenactment groups out there, probably more than were here in the 1940s.

So I thought, what isn't being portrayed, who's history are we neglecting?

The 36th Combat Engineers. Builders, Hole diggers, explosives experts, mine field clears and so solid as regular infantry, the 2nd rangers requested them to support their landings in southern Italy. 

So this blog will show you my view of the 2016 season. The group pulling together set building, purchases we make and the history of the battalion we represent from leaving the States to invading Europe. 

    These are from the first photo shoot as the 36th 

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll be back soon.


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