Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Temple at War 2016 - Away from home, alone.

Finally my first show. 

Temple at war 2016 at Cressing temple was a nice show in its second year this being my first visit and certainly not my last.

So day one, I set up with the help of another group because the rest of the lads couldn't make this one until Sunday (part timers).

My area of knowledge has been leaning toward mine clearance, booby traps and obstacle clearance. I only had a 20ft x 10ft area to pitch a tent and a display so I used my Dragons teeth, minefield marker tape marking S-mine prongs protruding from the ground. 

You'll need to pardon the positioning of the teeth, the organisers made me shift things about.
Here's the basic set up on the Friday evening, right on the main path into the site they said (until the organisers parked a truck shadowing me)

And here's the final set up, with marked out mines and odd infantry kit around.

I spent 2 days basically on my own patrolling around my area with the mine detector a SCR-625 H and speaking to the public about the various nasties that the Germans had hidden away for the allies during the war, offering a repro S-mine to handle.

Chris did pose for one photo though 'and the pub is ... here'

Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of me 'working', probably because I jumped on everyone before they got a chance to take a shot but I'm sure one will pop, up at some point. 

Lessons learnt... Well I enjoyed being on my own thats for sure and I came away with some ideas on how to develope my display like rather than build a bunker or more teeth (always a possibility) I think I'll put together a vineyard as described in many accounts as nightmares for infantry in Italy as they were always booby trapped and I could lead the public through the display.


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