Tuesday, 31 May 2016

What I'm doing between shows...

So to keep busy and upset my Mrs as much as possible I've been picking up some odds and sods...
Here is the bible of the week by Gordon L Rottman. It's a great book that's very detailed but not overwhelming with information. 
A batch of 1/2 pound TNT blocks I'm working on (first attempt) and a German a 35 switch for a sock mine I have on the way.

Here is the repro S-mine I bought and prongs I put together that go into the ground to simulate a buried mine.

I have an original Stock mine on its way (below) and I'll set that up with a trip wire alongside a stick grenade on the correct mount (below, below)
Lessons learnt- I found some repro mines and grenades online that I'll get next month with a crate marked as 'EXPLOSIVE' and I think my display will be complete. (As if)



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